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Thermostat blows water pump gasket!

Fink City

NAXJA Forum User
South Bend, IN
Driving my '89/4.0/5-speed and noticed smoke! Pulled into a parking lot and noticed water spewing from below the water pump. Nursed it home(with the heat blasting, no hot air!) and parked it.

Next day pulled the thermostat and the water pump and you could tell the gasket(actually gasket maker) was dead on the bottom. Replaced both and problem solved!

Of course I crossed my fingers on the bottom hose. It appeared to be 'melting' on the bottom bend. I have no idea why. Got a new hose. Duh.

By the way, who came up with the power steering mount?????????????? This thing has a couple of hundered bolts/brackets/etc holding it on! I could stick dynamite on it and it wouldn't budge. Talk about overkill. Took longer to get the power steering off than anything else. But it was a nice day so what the hell.