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The music in a Bent mind

Ozzy Osbourne - "You Can't Kill Rock and Roll"

Neil Young - "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)"

Black sabbath - "A bit of finger, Sleeping village, Warning, Wicked world"

Yes, I have the VHS version; the DVD is missing this song.

Sammy Hagar - "Heavy Metal" Soundtrack version

How is the DVD missing the title track? Music companies are stupid.
As I recall the issue was with licensing. And it wasn't settled with Sammy Hagar when the initial DVD release occurred. The VHS version was actually taken out of production for a number of years because of Licensing with other artists. Apparently the licensing issues with Sammy Hagar have been addressed. Doing a brief search for the current DVD and Blu-ray it appears the song is on them now. It does appear that there are some variations between the VHS and the disc versions. I'll have to pick up copy and do a comparison.
Nominations ore open for chapter BOD positions:

John Mellencamp - "You've Got To Stand For Somethin'"

The Marshall Tucker Band - "Fire on the Mountain"

Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Tuesday's Gone"

Phil Collins - "Another Day In Paradise"

Steve Miller Band - "Going To Mexico"

Gregg Allman - "I'm No Angel"

The Kinks - "Around The Dial"

Tom Petty - 'The Last DJ"

RIP Jim Ladd. His time on the mighty Met in the '70's was a major force in my taste in music, and appreciating the power of good lyrics.
"Little bit of Heaven, 94.7, KMET, tweetle dee."

Tom Petty wrote "The Last DJ about his friend Jim Ladd.

As eluded to by The Kinks in 1981, of whom both Ray and Dave Davies knew Jim. Ladd was fired by both Kmet, and Klos. After Klos he returned to Kmet and was again fired when the station went to a Jazz format and he went back to Klos, and ultimately ending up at SiriusXM in 2011. He did indeed bounce around the dial.

Santana - "Hope You're Feeling Better"

Rick Derringer
- "Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo"

Royal Blood - "Pull Me Through"

The Rolling Stones -"Waiting On A Friend"

Deep Purple - "Woman from Tokyo"

Neil Young - "Cinnamon Girl"

Bad Company -"Honey Child"

Had to go to vinyl for this one. :)

Stevie Wonder - "Higher Ground"

Rush - "Closer To The Heart"

Triumph - "Fight the Good Fight"

David Bowie - "China Girl"

Meatloaf - "Paradise By the Dashboard Light"

Filter - "Hey Man Nice Shot"

Back to vinyl, though, I may have the CD. Not entierely sure.

Greg Lake - "Someone"

Ted Nugent - "Workin' Hard, Playin' Hard"

Mastodon - "Had It All"

Reo Speedwagon - "Roll With The Changes"

Dave Loggins - Please Come To Boston"

Montrose - Space Station #5"

Aerosmith - "Spaced"

Pretenders -"Tattooed Love Boys"

Supertramp - "Take The Long Way Home"
55 years ago today, Kiddies. Intentionally didn't include any covers.

It ALL Started With This One Right Here

Led Zeppelin - "Good Times Bad Times"

Les Zeppelin - "How Many More Times"

Rock would never be the same.

My vinyl has only been played twice, and that was to record on a 90 minute cassette (Chrome or FE) tape. The CD on the other hand...many more times.

BLUE OYSTER CULT - "E.T.I." (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

Aerosmith - "Livin' on the Edge"