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Thanks, Mike G.


NAXJA Forum User
Cocoa, FL
Finally got back to Fla; phone line went down in my absence, laptop died, so I'm a bit tardy with the "Thank You" for the NAC stickers Danno delivered to me in Moab.
Sorry to have missed you there, it was even better than last year, but I guess you've already heard that.
Again, thanks for the stickers, I'll display them with pride.

You're very welcome. I'm just glad I remembered to add the stickers to the emergency info packet I sent Danno when I had to abort the run in Ohio.

Was wondering if you made it back to FL or not, or just decided to play forever in Utah! :)

Yep, everybody said this year was pretty good - makes my cancellation that much worse (esp. since I had to bail on CO too!). Really bothered me to miss seeing everyone again. Oh well, I still have my memories of '99/'00/'01 to go on, and '03 will be outstanding - nothing will stop me next year!

Enjoy the holidays and keep paying attention to the calendar - we're expecting to have NACFest '03 at the beginning of June in Pennsylvania.

Mike in NJ