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Thanks Chark!!

Fore Wheeler

MWC President
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After seeing you on 38's at winterfest I've had that 'little tire' feeling, well I'm taking care of that soon. I'll be gettin the big rubber so I can feel like I'm accepted in the 'big tire' group.

working on a deal for 38's. :D
Vug said:


you know what those knee high boots are used for don't ya? to put the rear legs of the sheep in to keep them close.

you know these things growing up in farm land where the girls are ugly and the sheep are cute.

BTW, first post Vug, looser
the corn side is the crispiest

My girl is from IOWA :farmer: where the men are men and the sheep are scared.
Did you even get 100 miles on those 36's? Glad to see more of us steppin' up in the world, even if the left coasters wanna make fun of us. It's pure jealousy rearing its ugly head though :D