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Temp Gauge Inaccurate?


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so cal
I've had my 96 4.0 for about a month now and it has always run a bit too hot for my comfort. The factory gauge reads about 230 at operating temp with a 195 thermosdat. Today, out of curiosity, i opened the radiator cap at operating temp (230)and it didn't boil over so i stuck a thermometer in the coolant and it read between 180-200. Is the gauge or the sender no good? I have an extra autometer mechanical temp gauge lying around somewhere that i might throw in there. Any suggestions? My oil pressure gauge fluxuates quite a bit, too. It idles at 40 lbs, but the needle jumps all over the place between 40 and 80 lbs under acceleration. Bad sender?
Your temp sender for the gauge is located in the head at the back of the engine,the hottest spot ,under normal conditions it will read 210* with the 195* thermostat.
The coolant temp in the rad should be cooler------ Replace the senders,remimber there are two types,one for gauges the other for lights.