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Talk about weird.... in more ways then one


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So I'm driving home after taking a bear of a final (I'm working on my masters part time) and I pass of the side of the freeway a guy with a samurai with his hood up, pounding like crazy in the wheel area..... so thinking that I need to score some good karma points, I pull off at the next exit, double back one mile, get on the freeway again and pull up behind him......

At this point there is already there a motorcyle cop there very set on telling the guy to get off the freeway.... as I walk up to find out if they need help (I always got whole bunch of tools in the back of my XJ).... in any case the cop kind of jumps in the middle of the guys saying "yes" and starts badgering me as to what do I want and if I'm a friend of his... when I tell him that I saw him on the side and doubled back and pulled over he gives me a really weird look and is ready to really get on my case. This kind of pisses me off as I'm here trying to do a good deed and this is what I get for my efforts!

Anyways, I push past the cop and look at the guys problem (he's mexican and his english isn't that great....) . Looks like his tire is flat and he's trying to change it, but.... one of the tire lugnuts is pounded (Freshly) into shapeless piece of metal..... At this time the cop pushes back past me again and tells the guy to drive the 'uki off the freeway (about 400 yards to the offramp) and into the nearest parkink lot (I know the area... and it's at least another 500yards).... he's saying that he won't harm or brake anything off while doing so (how about reshaping the rim??????). In any case, I looked at the deformed lug nut again, and decided that even if I ofered my metal file to the guy... he'd be filng it forever, I wished him luck and walked back to my xj and drove off.......

After this all I can think of is:
1. Who in their right mind would pound their lugnut shapeles?? and how?????? (it was evenly misshaped into nothing that would take any kind of a socket anymore)

2. What kind of a cop would be an idiot to tell the guy that he should drive off "safely" on a tire with next to no air???? The guy was well enough into the side of the freeway that noone would really be able to hit him (huge area on the side)

3. Are we living in such a society that offer to help with nothing to be expected back is looked upon suspiciously?? Especially by cops???

all right.... that's about it.... all I can say is that it's a weird world that we live in...

At least you tried to help. I had a flat and no spare a few months ago. When a friend saw my jeep and stopped to help. Shelled out 100 for a new tire and jack(mine colapsed and broke during the tire removal!)
I'm not taking sides here,But this has become the preferred action to take when the vehicle is still mobile. Not that there is any implied disregard for the rim and/or tire. The cop was mostly interested in keeping the guy alive. Think of all the idiots that share the road with us here in SoCal. People "just trying to get on the road " wind up spread all over the road instead more often than need be. There was an incident where the Wife and Kids were well off the Freeway and down the embankment only to be taken out by a driver that swerved to avoid hitting the Father changing the tire up on the shoulder.
There are times that we all should remind ourselves that there are going to be times that we won't get second chances. Personally I try to either avoid thes situations, or at least have a very sound plan.
Just your average, run of the mill, Safety NUTT, :scared:
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Yeah, ther eos probably more things to look at, but this was a spot with something that could almost be classified as a sizeable turnoff on the side.....

Personally if I was the guy in the samurai I would have gotten off the freeway in the first place, but by the time that he got to the spot that he was in, I think he should have left the car there and came back with someone to tow it or fix it or something....

What kind of drives me nuts is that the cop had no basis to make any of his statements about safety, and no damage except that he wanted the guy of the freeway so that he'd be out of his hair.....

Also I'd like to say he was someone inconsiderate, because as you know T, I spend a lot of time on the freeways (to and from work) and quite often I see either a motorcycle or a squad car parked beind with lights on so that noone plows into whoever is in front, while the person in front does what needs to be done to get moving.... I kind of wonder if it would have played differenly if the driver knew more ENglish or was not hispanic ?

They pin badges on Jack###'s too!
actually..... I'd rather clear off... I am too often on the freeways and he was too close to my home (he is based from less then half a mile from my house) to piss them off LOL