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I did the door mod to my XJ a year or two ago. Never had a problem. But the last few times I have gone wheeling (fireroad stuff mostly) it is difficult to put my doors back on. The pins line up properly, but twice now I have had to use a hammer to clearance my front fender out of the way.
Is this something I should be immediately concerned about?

I'm not sure if the pins on the door have worked loose, if somehow my fender is shifting or if there is really a(n) important underlying problem. My Jeep was in an accident before I bought it, clipped on the rear quarter, nothing too major though. I'm not jumping it or doing anything crazy either. I have more than my fair share of body damage, but nothing that should compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

95' XJ, 4.0, AW4, homemade budget boost- ZJ springs, extra coil isolator pad, bastard pack. Stock size 235/75/r15 mud tires on stock wheels. no sway bars. everything else is stock. Rarely ever driven on the road, mostly just a toy.
If any of this helps.
:greensmokWhen you drive your XJ without doors it'll flex like crazy,so it's not surprising it's hard to get the doors back on. I wouldn't worry about it though, if it's just a trail rig. It's not going to break in half without warning.
I'm on the "doors dont add rigidity to the jeep" train myself.

Are you rubbing your fenders at all?
anytime you run a unibody vehicle without doors on it will compromise the structural integrity in one way shape or form. The unibody stiffiners will help out a lot. The real question is would you like that taco crispy or soft? :D

I run door less on my front doors and run the AJ's Armor tube doors and have notcied that my hinges are off just a touch, but the doors still go on easy enough and it is only a trail rig.
I usually end up rubbing something, mostly underside though. I try not to wrinkle up my fenders.

I'm from the school of thought that doors don't really add structural integrity either, maybe in a head on collision. I know when i'm flexed out though that opening a door is difficult, and closing it back is impossible. When I get back on level ground, everything returns to normal.

Don't really want to do frame stiffiners either. If i'm realistic with myself, this will probably be the last play toy 4x4 I will own. I'm finishing college, getting my career together, no real legal places to wheel, yada yada yada. I hate to call it a beater, but thats what it is.

Don't want to dump money into it, I just want to know if its going to break in half.

>as a little side note, I took it out today and when i got back to the house, I noticed that the dashboard and hood line seemed to tilt, both to the passengers side. I was in a hurry, didn't have time to check it out though.
Didn't know he made them....any pic's of these?

there is a pic of my rig with them on it in the vendors forum under the Rough Country $50 gift certificate thread. Not the best pic but gives the general idea.

I think that these were made by special order for Collin (BIGSLVRXJ) and I received them in trade for some other stuff.
Didn't know he made them....any pic's of these?