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T-case skid done


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Not a great picture, but you get the idea.
Hunter-Lynchburg said:
looks good, what does the brace attach to? whats all this re-working the control arms about?


If you look you'll see a re-enforced section that the seat bolts and seatbelt bolts go through, this is where the brace is attached.

Ok, I screwed up the LCA mounts on the crossmember. When I took my measurements and checked for clearance, I was placing the mounts under the crossmember, as I was actually building the LCA mounts, I figured it'd be cool to tuck them up in so I did. Problem was, I never check for clearance problems first. When I install the LCAs, I had about 3-4" of up travel before the arms contacted the frame :eek: . So, I had to pull the crossmember, cut/grind off the old mounts, and make new ones and weld them on. I did find that my welds were plenty strong, it was a real PITA getting the old mounts off. Now everything is back together and no clearance problems.
Live and learn.....:D
Nice of you to come clean JNJ......

consider instead "I re-worked it"

its hard to nail every thing the first time....actually, its hard to WELD everything the first time.......

remember, measure twice cut once.