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t-case question - please help

Andrew T

NAXJA Forum User
Houston, TX
I had a Rusty's 1" t-case drop with a 4.5" lift. I just added 1.5", got a Tom Woods HD SYE, and took off the t-case drop. I can't remember if the piece on the linkage where the stationary shaft mounts to the side of the unibody is part of the drop and needs to come off or not. It's not shifting right and I think that's the prob. I'm pretty sure it needs to come off, but I thought I'd check.

Second, When I take that off, how do I get that shaft back in the little hole? Could anyone send me a pic of their stock setup or something that works? I'd really appreciate it.

This is how I adapted a TJ trans/t-case to my 88 Comanche. The TJ shifter bracket didn't line up at all, so I fabricated the bracket you see here out of a 3/16 piece of steel and attached it to the tranny with two bolts. Then I adjusted the linkage to match the gate pattern at the shifter.
And on my truck I had to push the linkage bar into the body side bracket first, then pop it into place in the tranny bracket.
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