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North Carolina
Hello all. I just got my 4.5 lift done on my 2001 and the transfer drop kit that came with it isn't enough. I'm getting a little vibration and my angles are all messed up. I'm looking to get a SYE and was looking for some recommendations on a good kit that has everything I need to make this happen. Thanks for any help.
Just a reminder, if you do a SYE with a double cardan shaft like the front driveshaft, you will probably need to use pinion angle shims on the rear to get the angles right, because for the same position of the TC and rear axle the correct pinion angle is different between a conventional driveshaft with a U-joint at both ends and one with a double cardan. With the latter you want the pinion pretty much in line with the shaft, maybe nosed down a degree or so to compensate for pinion lift on hard acceleration, and the angle of the shaft to TC doesn't matter as long as it's within the limits of the double cardan.
Go with an AA or JB HD SYE and not a hack and tap. You will only need one spare driveshaft for front or rear axle. Rear axle shims will be necessary, about 1* of shim per inch of lift, give or take.

AA is fine, maybe a bit rough, however no issues with mine after many years and many miles.
North Carolina is a long way from Florida, but I have a NP/NV 231 with a SYE full shaft replacement that I removed a month ago and replaced it with one with 2-wheel low. I am about to put it on Craigslist. It is in near perfect condition. I have not priced it yet...maybe close to what the PAP sell theirs for. I live-in 32244 if you want to have it.