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Swift kick in the pants

Now exactly where in the pants does this kick land? Just curious.
Only one? I was hoping you had around a dozen. Let me know if you get some more, I was really looking for a complete set of them; I dont like mis-matching.

Thanks for the chance!
Well you guys missed your chance. I'm all out now ever since Stewie's trans took a dump in Slickrock. I need time for my foot to recover. Will poost up when more are available..thx
Are there any more of these available yet?

I could use a half dozen or so.

If swifts aren't available i would be willing to substitute for a quick or repeated.

let me know ASAP as the need for these may expire.

Hate to bring up a dead post, but is this still available? Are you willing to trade? I have a punch in the nuts I'm looking to get rid of. PM me.
man if anyone deserves to get an order it is me! i traded my XJ for a yj just after getting back surgery! now i cant drive the damn thing hehe. so could i get a few kicks plus a prescription with refills for more?


Are these on backorder?

How can I get on the waiting list?


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