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Starting to part my '91 Limited

Ted Z

NAXJA Forum User
I am starting to part out my '91 limited.....

axles, engine, xfer case are staying in my garage......

the rest is up for grabs, make me offers or e-mail me to see if i have what you want.

can ship some stuff, can drive within 1-1 1/2 hours of Detroit if needed.

unibody is tweaked, cracked at steering box and drivers pillar push up a little causing roof to be tweaked a little.
most aftermarket goodies are goin on my new rig..... sorry

Although my bumper/tire carrier could be available.....and possibly my Super HD Rock slider rails.....
Ted Z,

If it it has Bendix type seat buckles for the seat belts, I will buy the driver and passenger buckles. My 93 XJ's springs inside the buckle are starting to fail. How much would you want for them?


PM'd you - I'm interested in the PCM asap if its available...
Looking for the roll-up security cover for the back area. also front license plate frame.
Seats are out i stole the power bases for the new one. But i do have the grey fabric seats out of my 92 sport......

As for the sliders.... $125.... but shipping is a PITA....
Ted... I am looking into rocker protection, Have any pics of your sliders? What brand are tehy and how much would shipping be to 17543. Thanks man.
they are my own design/build......very beefy, Been to moab and back no dents and they won't bend..... i can make more.... little higher price new... (shipping will be high, they are 55-60 lbs each)

i'll check into it later