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Solid axle swap into XK Commander

Da XJ nut

NAXJA Member
I put this on the XJ side already, I've just come across a smoking deal on a 06 commander 4.7 2wd. Looking to make it a 4wd and make the XK a overland vehicle. I have a rolled 97 ZJ that I got the entire drive train from and the seats, console, shifters, ECM, fuel tank, steering box, all hard lines fuel and brake including M.C...I have 2 lifts, welder and some light equipment for fab work. Ideas anyone ???? B.T.W. I'm an instructor for a automotive class so I have students for help too. It helps that my background is heavy in electrical diagrams and some minor harness mods for another project. :explosion
I think im going to pass on the deal I found. 500 bucks is a great price to buy it just to drive as is but not convert it. I have found WJ's for similar money that I think I will pursue... thanks for looking anyway guys