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Smog Nazis Got me who has a spare Airbox?

Gary E

NAXJA Member #687
Elk Grove CA
The house purchase triggered it, Sent me a form letter saying I needed to smog and register or they would send Gay Davis after me, and the registration is probably cheaper then the bribe :x

I have rustys airtube blocked EGR, vac hoses disconected everywhere, and a hogged out cat, whats the chances?

Now what ratio of alcohol can I safely run? :wink:

So for starters I need to swap in an air box or does the airtube like Jes has that goes up over near the firewall have a carb eo?

I just want to borrow the airbox for the inspection, I suspect several of you do the same thing.
I've got a Renix one that you can borrow.....until my next inspection.... :mrgreen:

Some of the air tubes have an EO number, I'm not sure about Rusty's. You could always "make" a nice little EO sticker from a "borrowed" number.

I'm using Turbo City's tube setup & I believe that Jes is using the same. It is CARB cetified & legal to run. You know that if you call them & sweet talk to them & lie that you lost the sticker they may send you just the sticker with the CARB # on it. Slap that baby on there & get rid of the Rusty's sticker. I would bet that they would never tell the difference. Have fun playing with the Nazi's.

Gary, I have a box you can borrow out of my 98' I have the turbo city tube also if you wanted to throw that on to see if it would work. Kevin works for me and I am in Sac all the time call me and we can work something out.
(209) 495-7451. I am up there today and Friday. I will put both in the jeep so I will have them on hand.

Yeah the power of big brother never ceases to amaze me when it comes to revenue collecting. All I can figure is they cross refrenced my Social Security # with Several if not all the diffrent states to find out where I was registered. they had all my vehicle info licence plate, make model etc. The funny thing is they only caught the jeep, so I will swap over my wifes car and the jeep but I will leave the the cobra, it has a personalized plate, besides Idaho still has the best looking liscence plate :D

Thanks for the generous offers, especially Riley, who must of taken the turbocity one off of his jeep! But I think I need a Renix box And from what little info I could find on the turbocity intake JUs search was down :) its only works on the HO motors.
Just put in a Renix air box for the smog test. I even kept my Mopar box just in case I get hassled in the future.

smog nazis

Put the Renix Box in after you get a new catalytic converter. Rig it up with flanges so you can remove the new cat after the test and swap in a flanged bypass pipe. To pass NOX, My '88 with 253k needed a new converter. Good Luck.
I have a spare Renix box on the hoopty Jeep if you want to borrow it.

Shoot me a PM.

I must have really gotten lucky then

I just did my inspection this year (beginning of) and I had an airtube of my own brewing attached to a bracket made by me by the means of an exhaust clamp! Nothing could be more obvious, but the guy looked under the hood, put it on the rolling thing and started it up and got it smogged! Btw, I am in SoCal :)