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Sierra Chapter Rigs

Bryan C.

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Antioch, CA
Just thought I would steal an idea from the Jeep picture forum and the NorthWest Chapter and start a thread for posting pics of your rig. Take a look at the rigs, and maybe that XJ you've been seeing around town is a fellow NAXJA user or member.

How about some basic rules. Please post only 2 or 3 properly sized pictures. Tell us about your rig, but let's not get carried away with every little detail.

Comments are welcome, but please no bashing other people's rigs.

Anyone can post on this thread, members and users alike. Even if your wheeler isn't an XJ, let's see it. :)
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I'll go first. :peace:

Bryan C.
96 XJ 4.0L NV3550, Atlas II 5:1, D30, D44, 33" MT/R's (for now)

Defense Mine Trail ;)

Frank Raines OHV

Fordyce Creek

All photos by Jes
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Tom Curran
2000XJ, Stock. 4.0L/AW4/231 3.55's open. ORGS TC Skid, Mopar Gas tank skid, ORGS Super Nerfs.
Photo taken at Wipe Out Hill Moab, UT during the NAXJA's 25th anniversary of the XJ by Rightseatsis.

Sorry Bryan, don't know how to resize

1988XJ, 4.0L/AW4/231 3.55's open. Used RE 3.5, Jes's old tires, used adj UCAs, raffle won parts, pick-n-pull skids.
Photo in front of house by Rightseatsis, 1st run will be IC on the Rocks, Moab, UT
88 MJ Comanche 4.0L, AW4, np231, 4.88 diffs, WaggyD44 front leafs/hydro-assist/ARB, Toyota 8" rear lockright/wishbone 3-link, 109" wheelbase, 35" MT/R's on plain steel.

It's latest incarnation, Johnson Valley

Another from JV

Rubicon, Soupbowl, Summer '05 with less tube, less coils, more frame and more leafs
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2001, D30, 29 Spline 8.25 with LS, 4.10 Gears, 33" MTR's, 4.5 RE Superflex, TnT Customs Full Belly Skid, SYE, CV DS.

Bald Mt. in January

Lower Bear River Res. in October.
'94 4.0L AW-4 231, lockers, Spicer shafts, 4.88s, 35s, Tera knuckle, URF suspension, some lights, some dents, blah blah blah. I don't wheel it very hard.

2000XJ, 4:56 F&R d30, chry8.25 both locked, 33s
1998TJ, 3:73 F&R d30, d44 both open, 33s

Photos by Matt Holt



This is my favorite picture ever of both:

I envy your MJ Brett
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'90 Limited, 4.0L, AW4, NP231, Waggy Front/Isuzu 44 Rear, 5.13's, ARB's, Front Leafs, 35" MT/R's

Posin' like a poser

Greenhorn shakedown run
I think it is a '89
4.5 inch lift (I think)
36" Supper Bald Swampers
Home made cage
A bunch of bent stuff

Some photos of the junk at the Top Trash Challange 2006 Hollister park:




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My pile.

'93 4.0, AX15, Atlas II 5:1, Dana44s, OXs, 5.13s, all custom crap.
Snake Bait, photo by Porch Puppy...

Fordyce, photo by Seanman...
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'97 w/ some stuff

Gate Keeper:

95 6.5" lift, alloys front and rear, locked, tera 4.1, 35's

Rock pile Niagra Rim trail

Me next WOO HOO!!

I am Matt Strmiska and if your in my area, you will probably only see me in my wrangler. The XJ is your typical setup, 5.5" short arm, D30/8.8 loaded with 4.56s and lockers. Its got bumpers and stuff. A little custom tube work to set it off. Not shown is the new 35" Creepy Crawlers. Soon to have a HP 44 with long arms and a ton more tube work.


06' TJ8 Rubicon basically stock. Got homemade bumper and a winch with synthetic line. PSC Crusher Corners with the blingin LED lights. Soon it will be sporting a 4.5" lift and 33s with some blingin beadlocks. (can you tell I want this to be my better looking jeep?)
Blue Canyon (photo by Lee Krivacsy)

I just installed some full corner armor this last weekend, so it is now very different from other unlimited.
Hey all, I'm Joe, here's what I have so far...I'm only just getting started :D
1994 Sport, 4.0/AW4/NP231, open Dana 30/35, RE 3.5" on 31's


The only wheelin picture I have, my first time going out and stuck with no traction - man I need locker(s), and more lift, and better tires, and, and, and....

(photo by Bryan C)