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Shifting Issues


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I have a 87 A/T MJ that whenever I go to put it in drive, it seems as if it is in 3rd gear. It only will move at high RPMs. If I put the truck manually in 1st gear, then it goes fine. I havent checked anything except the inline fuse link on the passenger side located near the TCU and of course the transmission fluid. Does anyone have any ideas of what the problem might be? Is there a way to check the TCU like what the incoming voltages should be? This truck only has 90k original miles. Also it hasn't been drove in almost a year.*
Sounds like TCU issue. It controls the 2nd gear solenoid.
Unless the solenoid has failed, itself.

If you need to drive it, disconnect the TCU. And you are going to have to manually shift it.

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TPS will cause shifting problems too. I thought it was my TCU; now I have spares. :D