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Rust treatment

I have had good luck with POR 15, gonna tackle some spots on my XJ with it soon.

I think I used that version once with good results too.
Here is a before and after with Loctite.

Here is what I started with on the passenger side.

@Kittrell or anyone else,

First, thanks for posting and suffering me to resurrect this thread!

Second, what year is your XJ that had the rust under the carpet?

Third, for my '99 XJ, with rather minimal underbody rust (mostly just on the axle tubes and bolt-on pieces, like the factory hitch) how much rust should I assume is under the carpet ... and is it worth pulling out the interior?

Thanks again!!
I've noticed they all seem to rust in the same places, like the front corners of the floor pan, or directly over the muffler. My experience lies in trucks from the desert where rain is a biannual affair. Strangely enough, I have one from Wyoming with no rust that I've seen yet.
I'll peel the carpet and seal holes to keep my feet dry when taking water crossings, but I imagine the truck will outlive me whether I correct the rust or not. The post above is great, but most times people rip the entire interior out, cut large chunks out of the floor, give up, and eventually sell it for a fraction of what they paid, which I would often still consider to be too much.

Seen it enough times and declined to pay over $250 more than once.