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Rubicon brake lines


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I know that wrangler brake lines are a direct bolt on and a 3" extension to a Cherokee brake line. I would like to know if the Rubicon are the same thing as the Cherokee. ( 3" extensions longer)
Thanx Digger
TJ Rubicon? yeah.

Rubicon Express? My rear one is 18"...don't know about the fronts but they're longer too.
Front or rear? The RE fronts are almost too long in my opinion. YJ fronts and relocated hardlines work fine for my 6" of lift. For the rear, the YJ rear lines are 1/2" shorter than the RE SS lines, so I would get the cheaper lines since they are nearly the same length.
I'm sorry I ment TJ Rubicon.I'm a :dunce: My question I guess I should have ask first off was, I noticed the TJ banjo end is round and i know my Cherokee banjo end is square so will i be able to bolt up the round TJ end.
By the way i'm thinking mainly for the front.
As long as they have the same internal, and sealing diameter, yes.

FWIW, sometime, find an AreoQuip dealer close to you, and check on a price for some NICE brake lines...they made me a beautiful Goodyear hose for my Ext. slave on my old 84 for about what the LAPS wanted.....too bad I ran it across the exhaust, killing it....:(