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RRC Windshield banners


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Who wants em???? i need enough people to order to keep cost as low as we can...this will also be a fund raiser for our chapter...
Sorry, $20 each...shipped
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just so everyone knows... The place we are going to get them from has a minimum order number of 10. These are the same people that did our shirts for the 2011 ROM also.
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I'd like one but a listed price would be nice =)
ok lets try this again...who wants one??? $20 shipped... have to have 20 to make the order...if i front the money again price will go up $5.....
I think I may still have one of the older ones at my house. It was one I have had for a while if I still have it. Send me a PM to remind me as I'm at work right now.
I Know that This is an Old Thread, But, If anyone Is Still Interested (I Know I am)
I have a Guy that Is Very Reasonable & does Great Work on Die Cut, Made to Order, Vinyl Stickers. Very High Quality & He's an Off-Roader (4X4 3/4T Truck, IIROC)
Just Send me a Graffic Image (JPEG, etc. or Pic of the Original (Have No Idea What It Looks Like) & I'll see what I can do.
Right Now I Have one of His that says: ":Y'all Aint Right". In, White, Hillbilly Redneck Lettering & I Get Lots of Positive Comments about It.
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