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Royal Blue trail cleanup


SEC chapter president
NAXJA Member
Knoxville, TN
Coming up on April 27th 2024, there will be a trail cleanup day at Royal Blue OHV in Campbell County, TN.
This cleanup ride will be sponsored by the Campbell County litter control. The last cleanup ride we had was at Tackett Creek, and was sponsored by the Claiborne County litter control. They supplied us with a large dumpster, and I was amazed at the amount of trash that was taken off the mountain, and we weren’t able to get all of it either. We ran out of room in every vehicle that was there.
Royal Blue is state (TWRA) land, so it’s always a good idea to try our best to keep those areas clean and free of litter so we don’t risk losing those areas to ride.
The trail system isn’t too crazy. Most of Royal Blue is moderate.
The hardest trail at Royal Blue is called “The Sandmines”. It is across the interstate from the main trail system. There will be a group of Jeeps and buggy’s hitting that trail the day of the cleanup to get that area sorted out.

Please consider coming out for a fun day on the trails, and doing your part in keeping one of the largest public OHV lands in the south east clean and open for years to come.