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Repairing holes in roof


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Ive been asking around for advice on this and seeing if anyone has any better ideas so here goes, I just picked up an XJ in a trade and one of the POs put a light bar on the roof above the windshield but used self tappers instead of a nut and bolt because the back side of the hole can not be reached. It also had a visor at one point and it was installed the same way. I was going to weld them shut but I’m worried that because I can’t access the back side, rust may develop and spread. My other thought was to try and brush or spray in some rust encapsulator the best I could then use some very small button head self tappers to close the hole then bedline over top of those. Anyone have any experience doing either or have a better idea? Not concerned with how the finished product looks just want the holes closed off and hopefully avoid rust in the future.

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I would get some Eastwood Internal Frame Coat (it's a spraycan with a long hose and a remote nozzle, you can use it to spray inside frames and sheetmetal weldments) and do exactly that, weld up the hole, spray coat the backside with the internal frame coat, and repaint the outside as desired.