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Reno Run 2022 Run schedule


Nevada Raisins
NAXJA Member
Reno Run 2022 Itinerary
May 27th Friday- Prison Hill Run. Gonna shoot for 4 p.m. But as people get into town they can head over.
May 28th Saturday- meeting at the chevron in Spanish springs at 10am. Depending on rigs. Mild run out to steves loop. Rec 31’s and one locker
Regular run up Buster down twister and up Billybob depending on time. Rec 35’s and lockers
Raffle after trail runs. Shooting for 4p.m. at 4 wheel parts in sparks.
Possible Bud Canyon night run after the raffle.
May 29th Sunday- Knucklebuster. Leave camp at 8am or maverick in gardnerville at 9am. at least 33’s and one locker. Every obstacle has a bypass.