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Rear xj leaf springs


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Guys I carry quite a bit of tools in the back of my xj. On these old leaf springs. Is there a way I can add a leaf or would I have to buy new stiff springs?
A full length add-a-leaf can beef up a saggy leaf spring as long as the spring pack has not gone inverted. My 1998 has the original stock leaf pack with a full length +2.5" Rubicon Express AAL and I regularly carry 300 - 500 lbs of cargo.

An stock XJ Cherokee main leaf with the spring eyes cut off will give a small amount of lift and beef up the spring pack as well.
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Well all the work I’ve spent fixing this xj up to be a daily driver. Ended up wrecking it today. It’s still fixable front quarter panel is going to need replacing. Along with another new set of control arms and another new set of tie rods. I swear by the time Im done I will know just about everything there is to know with this vehicle.
I bought the 98 as wreck about 8 years ago, with about 180,000 miles. I fixed it the garage, and drove it for another 100,000 before the engine blew.


Yours was worse I got the panel apart. It messed up my front lower control arm bracket so I ordered another and a lower control arm as well. Gonna order a front drivers side fender then I should be good.
Okay I have probably a really dumb question. The new lower control arm brackets I installed came with these 2 u bolt looking tabs that go on the side. What are they for? They’re bigger than the nut on the bolt. So I didn’t think it was to keep the bolt from shifting?
Website link or picture of your new parts ? ZJ's have cam bolt on the lower control arms, it might be for that.
They are the mountainpeak jeep xj lower control arm brackets for a jeep xj. I bought them off of Amazon. There is a picture of the brackets with the two u bolts tabs in the same picture
Well I about got the jeep back finished again after the wreck. Waiting on a bumper from Hanson off-road to come in. I’m driving it now without one. Would take a picture but I never figured out this picture download on this forum.
AFAIK NAXJA does not upload and host pictures. You need to find a picture hosting website, and then generate a link to copy/paste into your thread that makes your pictures show up.

The FotoTime servers burnt to the ground a while back, so now I use IMGBB.com