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Rear driveshaft


NAXJA Forum User
I' just finishing the rear up on my 88 Xj witht he Rock ready leaf pack and lift shackles to a totla of 10+ inches. I know I need a new rear shaft or cut it down. The pirches come with shims that roll the diff up to reduce the angle any clue where I can find a new shaft for cheap. I got a bud who is awesome with metal, welding, and cutting. How do I know how much to cut? Can I just buy a new one at the right length?
Call a good reputable drive shaft shop and ask them what they'd to cut down & rebalance your current drive shaft. If you turn the pinion to point straight at the output of the T case that means a double cardan type drive shaft and that usually means a slip yoke eliminator, both adding cost
If I dont turn it at the case can I keep my current shaft and cut it?