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RE trackbar keeps popping!!


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The frame end keeps coming slightly loose, and moves around enough to pop as I go over curbs.:mad:
It's not the trackbar mount, but the bolt that goes through the heim joint and into the mount. If I REALLY crank on it, I can keep it quiet for a day or two. I know the HD trackbar is one fix, but is there something else I can do with this one?
I had a similar problem. I don't know what set up you have but I had drilled out the factory mount for a 3/4 heim. I couldn't keep it tight for the life of me. I ended up making a new mount and double shearing the heim. Is your heim double sheared? If it isn't it should be, and would possibly take care of your problem. Good luck.
the factory hole wears out. I had to go to the RE track bar frame mount. It works better now and the steering is much tighter. Check one out. Rustys makes one too
I really don't like the small Johnny Joint that comes with the RE Extreme Duty track bar mount. Mine joint keeps loosening up and it ends up making a bunch of noise and getting pretty sloppy. In fact, this weekend, I'll be rebuilding the RE bracket to accept a 3/4" heim and clear my tie rod a bit better.

If I had to do it over again, I would use the OEM track bar bracket and weld on some 1/4" wall box tubing to put a 3/4" heim in double shear.

CRASH (it should be noted that the biggest reason for this constant bearing failure is my propensity to drive at high speeds across rough desert terrain. Most of the guys who stick to the rocks never have a problem with their RE ED bracket)

I have the RE Drop bracket and it started popping on me as well on the last run.Tightened it up and it appears to have stopped, but for how long is my question now.

i just installed the RE bracket and it already is loose i tighten it and is almost instantly loose. my stock bracket however never came loose. kinda weird. im thinkin of JB weld as aposde to lock tight on the bolts this time.

Ive had mine on for about two years,its been "flawless",no loosening or re-tightening required ever.I beleive the RE HD set-up is the best out there,I tried others with lots of gripes about them.
Mine is the RE1600, not the HD model...
I KNOW I could fix the issue by going to the HD unit, but I'm trying to make this one work.
We could add a second bracket below the joint,Ive got a ton of chromoly floating around here right now!
You just come off the drivers side of the bracket and continue down below the joint then square off towards the passenger side till you p/u the bolt(plus some extra).

PS:until you rotate the axis 90* you will always have a problem.That could be done with your heim also(like Rusty's bracket).
Ive done everything before(LOL).Ive been fabbing parts for over 25 years,my saying has always been "if you can dream it,I can build it".
My three favorite products in the world are fiberglass,concrete,and steel.You can screw all them up and still fix it!!!!!
When I had this problem it ended up being the mounting bracket that was loose. New bolts and a little red locktite fixed the problem.
RTicUL8 said:
When I had this problem it ended up being the mounting bracket that was loose. New bolts and a little red locktite fixed the problem.
I can see the movement between the bottom ofthe bracket and the top of the spacer above the heim. I cranked it down again last night after adding a lock washer under the nut.
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even the HD bracket has issues and will come loose due to the slotted bolt holes. If you look at the stock design it has 2 layers of metal that interlock to flex some. Instead of the bracket popping on the frame, the stock bracket flexes a lil.

The HD track bar bracket on mine is welded to the frame .,..... figured that would solve the problem. All those bracket slop around on the frame and trying to keep it tight w/ X over steering and 33+ tires aint happening IMO

Prolem is the leverage it puts on the frame is enough to tweak the frame rail if it doesnt flex or slide on the frame. My frame rail is screwed , not the welds themself ...but the whole frame rail will flex side to side when the steering is cranked.
Ever wonder why RE came out w/ that frame braket that runs to the other frame rail??? bingo because its been happening to others.

Mine is to the point that the brace factory welded to the frame to hold the drivers side motor mount is buckled. The steering is sloppy and i am need of running the frame brace so i will have to order that soon.

I found this problem by chance when installing my X over steering..... im sure there are many more w/ this issue

So I guess my point is , the HD trak bar IS NOT the answer to everyones problems...if i could do it over again...i would stay w/ the stock bracket and design a bar around that.

I've been reading this thread with some serious interest.
I just upgraded to the Rusty's HD Trac bar mount.
I already had the adjustable trac bar but the tie rod end just wasn't doing the job.

I put the new end in and new bracket and it worked fine at first but now I'm getting a popping noise. I can make it pop if I sitting still and crank the wheels left to right.
I looks like the bolt holding the trac bar end is sliding side to side.
Is this the same problem others are having?
not as technical, but my buddies HD RE trac bar was hitting his lower sway bar bolt, making a clunking noise. Just FYI info for everyone.
I know of 4 stock jeeps that do this now, (one a RHD mail jeep, same thing, opp. side) is there any quick cheap way that will fix this or will i have to break out the socket set twice a week? i dont want to go the Rustys way or weld it.