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RE Leafs

jeep pox

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Mesa, Az
I have a set of 3.5" RE leaf packs I need gone. They will need new rear bushings. I put in longer leafs and stretched a 1" in the process.

I'm not sure how old they are they were on it when i bought it. Maybe Mr. Clean will chime in. it was his jeep before me.
Well, my radiator cracked right along the top driver's side corner. We patched it with some JB Weld, which held long enough to get off the CK trail and down to Pleasant before it started steaming again. After that, we decided to try to limp it home by stopping to refill the radiator a few times, but it died on my on I-10 by Sky Harbor. Don't know if it was the temp(wasn't real hot), or the steam and water blowing into the airbox and intake, but it started to ping and sputter, and then stalled and wouldn't restart for crap... Commencing the takedown and troubleshooting shortly... :banghead: