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RE 3.5" Lift Question Question ????


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I am looking at getting the Rubicon Express 3.5" kit with full leaf packs. How does this system ride? Do the springs ride similar to stock? How well do the
3.55's pull 31's? Can I run a 3/4" pitman arm drop with this system? Thanks.
The RE kits with full leaf packs ride better than stock in my opinion. The 3.5 with 31's should be fine with the gears that you are running especialy if you are running an auto tranny.
There are quite a few folks on here that have run the RE6030, and I haven't heard problems with the kit itself although installation can be a problem for the rust-encrusted folks.

Why would you want to run a drop pitman? There's no reason for it.

3.55s are better with 31s than they are with 32s although both are a less-than ideal combination.
That kit is one of my favorites. You do not need to mess with the pitman arm. If anyone else tells you differently or tries to sell you one, tell them where to stick it.:D The kit will sit about 5" in the rear and 4-4.5" front to start, and will settle a little to about 4" front/4.5" rear. I highly recommned a SYE/CV shaft as well, regardless of XJ year or whether or not you have vibes. Here's an XJ that I installed that kit on with 33's.


I've been running that lift for a little more than six months now. It's nothing like the feel of the stock suspension. It was somewhat stiff at first but it is starting to loosen up nicely now. It is a softer ride now and seems to be getting a little softer as time goes by. It is my DD so the softer the better. It is still no where near as soft as the factory ride, but I didn't expect it to be either. I didn't do anything to the pitman arm. Just left it like it was. I did replace the trac bar but you don't have to for this kit.

It's a good kit, but you will be disappointed if you want it to ride like it's from the factory.
I installed this kit almost two years ago and really like it. The full leaves in the rear give a little more lift than 3.5" (as evidenced by recent crybaby posts). Mine is about 5" in the rear even after two years of daily driving. The front is about 4" higher than stock. I don't mind. It is level when fully loaded or pulling a small trailer.

No, it doesn't ride like stock. The rears are a little less supple, giving, more lateral stability, but they seem to flex fine on the trail. I actually think the new rear springs in combination with new shocks corners much better than the stock suspension.

The difference in travel is amazing, though. My sagged out old springs use to hit the bumpstops with the bit of rallying that I like to do, but they don't anymore. It just soaks up the potholes and washboards.

Edit: I wanted to reiterate the SYE suggestion. I ended up also getting an adjustable trackbar, and that seemed to help with the mild bumpsteer that I experienced.
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I want to echo much of what has been said. This is a great lift kit. I've been running this kit for 8 months (although I probably only have 300 miles or so on it--not a DD). It does ride MUCH stiffer that stock (although I run ES3000 shocks which are known to give a stiff ride--again, its not a DD). You do not need to mess with the drop pit arm. You will likely want an adjustable trackbar, and 31" tires will fit fine. Good luck and if you have any questions on the install feel free to PM me.

I am going to tighten the last bolt tonight. I would have to say that for a non skilled mechanic it is a moderately annoying job. I didnt have any experience with stuck nuts and bolts and i had no heat source for the job. That said i got through it with a few bumps in the road. I could do it in 1 day if i started early. It took me four evenings this time. If you have a reasonable amount of mechanical aptitude you will handle the install very well. If not you will learn alot. I sure did. I will repost once i have some inital feedback.
Egualmente (spanish for likewise) on the pitman arm, I just installed a RE 6130 4.5" lift last week and modified it to 6.6-7" lift and bought the RE drop pitman arm to help with geometry which ended up only droping it 1/4" and it was an absolute pain getting the stock pitman off. I tried a puller but it wouldn't budge. I tried 3 bottles of PB and it wouldn't budge. I tried a BFH and heating it with a torch, it wouldn't budge. Finally I used the torch to cut off the stock pitman, but I ended up troching right through 3 spline on the shaft of the steering arm shaft too! Definately not worth changing!!!! I installed the lift myself with NO prior mechanic savy at all and just finished it yesterday. I used my friends garage and had all the necessary tools and equipment to do the job but it still took me 2 weeks to complete because of the excessive rust. Could not have done it without a torch to heat the bolts and an impact wrench. I have heard of guys completing this lift in 2 days but I had a problem with everything I did. I have ended up with completely new brake lines in the process. I have only about 25 miles on the lift since finishing the install yesterday but it rides absolutely great, I am really impressed!

I've got the same kit and installed it myself about 9 months ago....it rides much stiffer than stock although I think if I go out and flex it (hopefully going wheeling tomorrow) it will break in nicely. I got 3/4" spacers up front and it sits level at about 4.5" of lift and looks great with 31's with only minimal rubbing at full flex and a little on the LCAs at full lock right or left.
Definately do an SYE/CV as GottaBeJeep says, in fact, listen to everything he says, look through his old posts, he knows it all. I didn't bother with a trackbar, just re-drilled mine and put it on with a new bolt and some oversized washers, tightened the crap out of it too, and will replace when I start having problems with wobbles. I also recently bought some adjustable UCAs to help get the front pinion angle to match the front DS angle, I have some minor vibrations coming from the DS in 4WD because of this...and I want to get it right since I do a lot of highway driving in 4wd during the snowy winters in Colorado.
I'd suggest ordering from dpgoffroad.com, dirk is really nice, helpful, and gets you a good price on everything, I don't know if he is GottaBeJeep or if they are friends or work together, but they are always fast and helpful.