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Great Lakes IL
For the two years I have owned the XJ there has been an annoying rattle from somewhere in the front end. Everytime I hit the smallest bump in the road/trail it goes off. I have lifted the jeep up and shook, tugged on, hit with hammer, and orpulled at everything there is under the jeep. Just replaced both motor mounts with the new block and thought that would fix it....nope. The hubs check out fine the dust guards for the brakes the brake lines everything I can think of WHAT IS MAKING THAT DAMN NOISE! Next time you are at the badlands just listen for me comming up the trail. Any help is much appreciated.
How are the sway bar bushings looking? When mine had play in them the sway bar would move all around. Something to check out. Also the sway bar links are another area. Control arm bolts, trac bar mount at frame end. Don't know what kind you have but if it's the RE with the heim joint. It is shot. Mine did that before I found it out.
couldn't possibly be the sway bar stuff, I ripped all that jazz off a year ago! LOL I have a Rouch Country 3" lift so the trac bar is stock. I have checked the LCA and the UCA and both seem to be rattle free. I guess I could just replace all the bushings up there anyway I am sure they could use replacement. Thanks for the hints I will check bushings and trac bar out tomorrow.
I grew up in Ohio and had friends who worked at the Jeep plant. Just for kicks they would hang a 1/2" or so bolt from a string and tie it to, say, a window bracket in the door itself, or behind the dash. They were bored, and they satisfied themselves with the fact that, eventually, it would send someone, somewhere, over the edge. This was a long time ago but who knows? :dunno:
Is it a low clunking rattle, or a higher more metallic one?

Have you double-checked the clearance of the exhaust where it goes over the crossmember?

How about the wheels themselves? If you have steel wheels with trim rings, take the trim rings off.

How about the fan shroud? Have you carefully checked the front springs for cracks at the ends or bad seating?
It is more a high metallic sound. I have checked the exhaust, and at least while standing still with my puling and pushing on it I can't make it rattle against anything. I have steel wheels but no trim rings or center caps. I ran with no fan shroud until about a month ago and the noise was there the whole time. I haven't checked the front spring I will do that in the am, thanks for hte heads up.
BTW, if it happens to be a stupid bolt hanging on a stupid stirng somewhere, I WILL be making a trip to the factory and soembody WILL BE GETTIN AN ASSWHOOPIN! lol