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radiator leaks from filler ( allen key looking thing)

Not sure, probably plastic welded. I got my fully aluminum for less than that, just letting you know in case you end up having to replace it.
which aluminum did you go with?
Ive run everything else other than aluminum thus far, ,maybe its worth a shot.

I saw one on amazon but reviews were crap haha. other than smearing some RTV or such as a bandaid, I think I need a new radiator unless this is some weird plug on the filler neck.
Its a vr racing but they are out of stock now and after a year I think I twisted it and its leaking. I ordered a cooling sky with triple fan kit for 220, going to give that a try but I dont think I'm going to like giving up the mechanical fan. When I hear the mechanical fan start pulling more air I know its time to pay attention to the gauge and maybe turn on my manual fan switch, (i still have the computer in the loop too just in case I'm not paying attention.) I do know that the full aluminum cooled much better!
Well turns out it is a plug and the 9/16 allen socket I used for the oil filter adapter works perfectly.

Now I'm just curious why this feature exists.
Probably makes it easier in production, I dont think the factory ones were like that. Glad it was an easy fix, those are few and far between!
Kinda related.
I put a new Napa radiator, which is just a rebranded Spectra, in my '00 about 7 1/2 years ago.
Developed a small leak not to long ago coming from the lower hose area.
With the weather getting cold and no garage really did not want to rip everything apart.
Tried tightening the clamp which did not help.
Was going to go back in and reposition the lower hose.
Then I started thinking about the nut for the tranny cooler down there.
Not the elbow fitting but what it screws into.
Seemed like such a dumb idea.
Well I go to check it and it was a little loose.
Tightened it up and sure enough.
The scary thing is if it were warmer or I had a garage I would have ripped it all apart.
Probably not have noticed that nut was loose.
Warrantied the radiator and while I never would have known would have ripped it apart all for nothing.