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queation about bushwacker flares/ suggestions


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Knoxville Tn
I have already cut my fenders, how do I know if I cut too much off my fenders to even fit those flares? Should I even put flares on it? I am not to worried about the paint becuase the whole jeep is herculined.
How much did you trim off? The attachments for the flares are well above where the directions suggest you trim to (like 3"). So unless you let the Sawzall do the thinking when you went after the fenders you should be good to go. For the price you'll want to be sure though, so put up some pics if you have 'em.
i cut my fenders and put the bushwacked fenders on there alright i guess...they look nice....but my only problem is when my tires come up and hit them and pull them off the body...but i found a way to fix that, i got a dremel and cut the bottom of the fender off so that instead of comming up and hitting the bottom of the fender my tires tuck inside of them and give me some more flex, and a nother thing the star bolts tap into the body and pull out real easy i found that the small nut on an average alternater threads on so i pulled my door panels and put them onthe ends of the bolts so they dont rip off anymore, but over all they look nice...haha with some little work they can work mint...hope this helps some headachs in the future