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PRP premier seats

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Has anyone put in PRP seats yet? I am hoping to order a set for my 97, but I know that the wide ones that I want are 4" winder than our stock chero seats. From what I measure, there is about 2 1/2" to 3" total space between the two sides before you really start hitting the center console and the door itself. SO, has anyone tried these seats? Do you think I am alright to put it in and just let the edges squish in a little bit? Or should I find another alternative. I know I will need to modify the mount to get it to fit, thats fine, but the extra wideness of them is a bit of a concern- isnt it?
ANy help or ideas welcome....
Noone has an opinion on this, or has actually tried the PRP seats? Will I be the first? Noone can help a brotha out?
get em and let me know how they go.
i agree that the width should be there, but it'll be tight. the seatbelt reciever will be wedged in and won't move. Also Make sure you have enough room on the outside where the seat belts come out of the floor/sidewall.

Let us know how it works ;)
Why are you worried about width? I wouldn't get any extra width in the seats. I put the PRP daily driver seats in my CAT & love them. I'm a pretty big boy & they cup my rear fine...

I've got Mastercraft Rubicons and they fit just fine. I don't know what the size difference is between them and PRP. I have about 1" to the console and 1 1/2" to the door at the widest points. HTH
I was told by a PRP rep that the Xwide seats would fit me better than the regulars. Just going off what the experts are telling me. I am going to sit in one before I buy them.
Shoulndnt be a problem.I bought some Corbeau Baja SS's awhile back for my sandrail project.Decided to put them in my Chero project,had them in my 2000 for a test,too narrow at 22".Im widening them to 24" with no fit-up issues!
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