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Project Wrench Monkey


NAXJA Forum User
Ok here is my dream.

I want to be a wrench monkey, learn everything there is to know about Jeeps, and have a good time doing it. So I want to buy an old Flattie or Scrambler and restore it. I may just go with an old CJ-5 for easier to find parts, but thats besides the point. My XJ runs fine, and I don't want another one.

I am looking for someone who would be willing to teach me, and house the car until I can get it running. ie I have no garage to work in, and cant use the homeowners parking space to do it. Plus I have limited tools.

So what do you get out of it? Well we can work that out. I will pay for your time, or storage space or maybe buy you a similar Jeep to work on in parallel. I am not rich so don't get too excited.

anyone interested or have any ideas for me please let me know. I live in Encinitas can can make the drive to Ramona or similar to work on the project.