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Premium Pair of Lower Control arms for an XJ, MJ, TJ or LJ NEW


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La Mierda
I have here two LCAs that I had made that were not used. These will work on XJs/MJs in the front or TJ/LJ in the rear. The control arms are made out of 2” ¼ wall DOM tubing and the bungs have been plug welded and TIG welded into place. A local fab shop did the welding.

The joints are brand new 1.25” Currie Enterprises Johnny Joints that fit the standard 2 5/8 bracketry stock on most Jeeps and off road vehicles. The joints pictured are joints I had so the joints you would be getting are br...and new unopened in boxes.

The control arms are adjustable from 15.75” all the way up to 17 3/16 which means it can cover a stock vehicle all the way up to a 6.5” lift safely.
I sprayed a light layer of paint on them to prevent them from rusting but add a good paint coat and you should be good to go.

These control arms are built well and have premium joints. They should hold up for the life of any Jeep you place them into. These are not like anything you will find with a normal lift kit and will not bend easily like many aftermarket products.

Located in La Mirada, CA. $300






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