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PORC's Ring/Pinion Sets


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Portland, Oregon
Does anyone know who manufactures their stuff? I know that they're SYE's are the same ones Rubicon Express sells, and I think those are Advance Adapters, just wondering where their gears come from, they've got some smokin deals on the d30R 4.56's I need.
I don't know who makes them either, I've installed two sets though and they look just as well machined as the Yukons I usually recommend and install. They both set up with no problems.

Supposedly they are USA made, and the price is very good.

The have a good reputation but my 4.88 for my ruby Dana 44 front got backorderd till April 1. Grrrrrrrr. They were closed liped when I asked them the same question.
I just ordered their 4.56 sets for my D30 HP and Chrys. 8.25. Good to hear P.O.R.C. have a good reputation, and that their gears are quality parts. I asked too, and all I was told was that the gears were their own , (?) I came across these on E-BAY, the add states:
"Dana 30 Reverse Rotation ring and pinion in your choice of 4.11, 4.56 or 4.88. All PORC ring and pinions carry and unconditional lifetime warrenty against manufactured defects! These are not cheap China gears like other brands. These are the highest quality gear's available today."
I initially communicated with them on E-BAY, but needed to order the set for the 8.25. I called the 1-800 # and talked to a salesman, he ended up combining the two sets with master install kits and the 3.54 and up D30 carrier. I got a very good price! My order should be here (Canada) by the second week of April. The install will be done by a good friend of mine who does gear sets daily. I'll post when all is done.