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pimp juice wrangler on ebay.. ohh snap

We will also supply (20) cases of Pimp Juice INSIDE the vehicle when you Pick it Up, AS WELL AS, Nelly will Autograph a Picture of the Car, that will be Made out TO YOU; THE BUYER.
thats actually pretty cool minus the TV screen and the pimpjuice decals all over it. it looks to be built with quality components unlike most mall crawlers with smittybuilt tube bumpers and nerfs. its even got warn diff guards and a winch. all those goodies and its a damn 5 speed. id wheel the piss out of it!! lol
They wish it was Nelly's...

Previous owner:
What in the Helly is a Nelly? Sounds like it is should have udders.
looks like they built it purdy good, just take out the tv, remove the lights on the top and repaint it.....i'd like to tear it up on the trials......fo reals yo :laugh3: