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pic requests... again

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As the thread below states there have been some outlandish requests, and I can understand not wanting them cluttering up the site, or the server and such.
I know you'd need someone to play god saying which are ok and not ok, but some of the requests seem valid. Since it seems to be a zero tolerance policy will there be a place for people to request some pictures.
Granted many recently had gotten ridiculous, but some such as
seemed like a good one to me. Personally I don't have the most creative mind when it comes to organizing my mods, a few pictures of what others have done would be good inspiration for the future.

I know this is just one instance, I could go back and find others, but I think this brings up the need for either a Pic Request area, or some leniency in the Pic Post area.

sounds like you need to bring this up to the BOD via the Members forum.
Not open for further replies.