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Parts swappable between years and 2dr. vs. 4dr.


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Got some general questions regarding using glass from different years and body styles

Specifically, will the front vent windows on a 84-96 from a 2 door cherokee fit a 4 door cherokee and vice versa. I know the main window in the door is larger for a 2 door, but what about the venting one?

Besides that, is all glass swappable between models? Like will the rear side glass from a 86 fit a 94 for a 2 door? Will the drivers window fit from all 84-96 for 2 doors?

I believe that they will all swap, as there wasn't any change from 84-96, but do want to double check, as they local yard only has the older model cherokees.


The body did not change from 84 thru 96. The vent window is the same for 2-door and 4-door, and side glass from any year will work. AFAIK the side glass from 97 thru 2001 will still work in the older body style, but I haven't confirmed that.