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Paging Mr. Magoo117


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I just wanted to ask you about your 33" TSLs. When my 31s wear out which they are coming close to doing I want to get 33s. I have one question though. Do they flat spot bad? My 31s do slightly however I run them at 32psi and the spots are gone fast. Do the spots get worse the bigger you go? I never really had flat spotting on my 29" TSL SXs.
My Swampers are bias ply so yes they do flat spot and they are aweful on the road and they are very noisey but they chew like crazy offroad.I would guess if you got radials they might nut be as bad,I got a set of used BFG AT's for the street.
Yes the steering pump is in and working good.I owe you some beer.I also put on a fuel tank skid and the diff guard I won at Nacfest.I worked on it all day.I am going tp PAP tomorrow.I was going to camp but ran late working on it so it's an early morning run up.I want to put some 4.10's and Lockrite in the front,maybe you could help me?