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Planning on doing an overnighter up at Pomeroy later this week. Wonder how badly I'll frizz my nards off??? Any guesses?
I know man.....but those damn greenbacks are in my dreams. :speepin:
I used to love snow camping. Have a -15 slumber jack and a 4 season tent with some candle lanterns and all is fine. I learned not to drink as much when doing that because when you have to go you have to go and yes they turn into BB's and a tick tack when it's that cold.
Even if you don't go camping in the high ground there aren't many campers going out much so even parks and lower places will still give you that away from others aspect along with the cold weather.

It's been years sense I last went winter camping, and would love to again but need a new tent. My current one is only a 3 season one. even with a -15 bag thats COLD!!!!
pabloconrad said:
Nards are more important than fish.

Bite your tongue. Nothing is more important than fish. :wierd: Luckily she understands that and supports it. Heather will be in a training all day Saturday so I'd end up on the water somewhere. It would be nice to get into the greenbacks one more time this year. If it's too ugly or dangerous then I'll just sleep in my bed and see how the salmon are doing.

I'm not gonna rule it out just yet.
So was it walnut cold, green pea cold, or bb cold?

Any fish pics?

Are you dead?