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Out with the old....In with the older?


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Wooster, OH
Here's a pic of Ol' 88XJ on her last ride during the Paragon trip last year. She's stripped sitting out back in the weeds as we speak....


Here's the 'new' ride, a 2wd 85 MJ. hopefully it'll be up on one tons with hyrdo steer, 305/700R/205, and 38"+ rubber by the Moab trip. I hope to make it this year. wish me luck!

Man I so wanna get a comanche.
Good luckj with the buildup, keep us updated!
It'll still live on through the MJ. I'm going to use some body parts/seats etc. My girlfriends jeeps has some of the racing strips on it. I gave her one of the front doors I took off. :D

I should have some more updated pics next week. I'm hoping to have the engie mocked up in the MJ by then...