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opinions on BDS 3 inch lifts.


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I have a chance to get a 3 inch (believed to be the add a leaf) BDS susp lift for my 85 XJ.

whos had experience with them, is it a good/decent lift? or am i better off with something else...

also i am gettin a hell of a deal on this lift due to the fact that they bought thislift, but then decided to go 4.5 instead, so its brand new in the box.
I had a BDS lift on my 91YJ and now I have a BDS lift on my 97XJ. I like the teflon pads between the leafs. The rear did sit higher but with tire swing on back now I am level. If the lift did not come with LC's I would get adjustables from RE instead. The ride on the road is smoother than it was stock. It's a good lift but at regular price I think RE has more upgrade options.