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OK i have a ?


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now because of what happened to my jeep, i figure i a m replacing the ening. But should i also replace the flywheel (because it was rubing on the dust cover) and/or should i replace the torque converter? If so where should i get the parts? steelership has a torque for $900!! who hoo! kargen has them for $75 form a company in town. and a flywheel is about $50 from both kargen and reibees, but rebbies has a $100 core charge but if the flywheel is bad u don't get ur money back! SO WHAT SHOULD I DO!

Go to a trannsmission shop! You could pick one up for under 100.00
You could get one with a higher or lower stall speed if you want.
You could also call Rob Rankin at Street Tech Autocare in O'Vale he's on Greenback.
if you are going jyard engine just include it in the deal, they shouldn't charge extra for it. Are you SURE its the engine There was definatly an issue with your flywheel. if it was just noise its probably just the flywheel loose bellhousing issues. if you also saw a dramatic loss in Oil pressure then your engine could be toast also. It just seems odd that they would both go out at the same time.
Couple of questions.
What is a "ening", what is "rebbies" and "reibees"?
I suggest you pull the sucker apart and look at the fly wheel and torque converter, then decide wheather or not they need replacing. The fly wheel really shouldn't need to be replaced unless it's warped(ask SeanP :wink: ) as all it really does is act as a big gear for the starter.
900 dolleriedoos for a torque converter?!? Good thing those things rarely go bad! Makes me just love my manual tranny with internal slave cylinder. 8)

Well i didn't see a loss in oil pressure but i am getting a new eninge anyways for $400 with 20k rebuilt so i thats y i am replacing the eninge! i jsut figure i want to anyways now is the good time! my enigne might still be fine!
but shoiuld i change the torque conveter??

Kent: I would second the question on Do you need a new engine? When I dropped my tranny for the first time I forgot about the 4 bolts that hold the flexplate to the torque converter. Keven and I were yanking the tranny left and right wondering why it wouldn't just drop off the engine. This bent my flywheel which I discovered when I put everything back togther. The fly wheel was out of round and was rubbing on the inspection cover and had the worst harmonic. I though my crank bearing were screwed it sounded/felt so bad. The new fly wheel did the trick. If you didn't have the bell housing bolts in, I guarantee you bent your flywheel. YOur torque converter might be fine.

Understand this is just all my conjecture based upon what I have read hear. I wasn't there so I don;t know what all the symptoms were.


But also the flywheel bots didn't fall out just the ones that hold the enigne and the bell housing. i talk to cottman today and they siad both the torque and flexplate should be fine! so not going to worry unless i c anything really wrong!

Thanx Stoney
I had to replace both the flywheel and TC twice. Mine broke the nut off the front of the TC and then cracked the flywheel. What you had was nothing like what I was hearing on mine although the dealership who fixed it was sure the rods were bent. They can get you a TC for $300 because they shot me the $900 price first and then miraculously they found one chaper as I was about to drive my Jeep to someone else to fix it. If you want the new engine do it, I am sure it would be better than what you have and besdies you may find something else that was wrong that would necesitate you pulling the engine anyways.
So i pulled the enigne out today! the starter was grinded to the flywheel? or maybe just to the dust cover? but i think i need a new one, and i might need a new flexplate :( . but otherwise it was relitivly easy considering all the bolts were loose or just were not there?? :? hey that jsut made it easier !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now the task is to move everything over from one to the other sounds FUN!!! hopefully everything goes as planed be up by this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!