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OK,have I just not been paying attention??

Georgia Mike

NAXJA Forum User
I was at the 'yard today looking for some parts and came accross a Comanche Custom. I was looking under it to see if it had a 44 rear axle by chance. I was suprised to find an AMC 20 (with the one-piece axle shafts) under it. I had to look twice,and check the lug pattern. Sure enough,it appeared to be a factory deal,but here's the kicker-it was in a four-popper :dunno: Ghost,would you be interested in that axle? It'll probably be 3.73 or 4.10 ratio. LMK:D
'86 only, optional heavy-duty axle. There's one like that (4-banger and all) with a snow plow on it for sale at the Shell station down the road.