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OHMVR Commission, Subcommittee Meeting, October 21st, 9AM

Ed A. Stevens

NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
OHMVR Commission Subcommittee Meeting @ County Administrative Center, 4080 Lemon Street, 1st Floor, Riverside, CA

agenda: The OHV Commission will decide how much Green Sticker money to grant to each Southern Forest. Green Sticker Money is the fee every off roader pays to help fund trail maintenance & enforcement.


These funds help the Adopt-A-Trail program & OHV-Volunteer Programs


OHMVRC Meeting Info



California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission
California's Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission was created by the Legislature in 1982 to allow public input and provide policy guidance for the OHV program. The Commission's duties include: allocating funds for OHV capital outlay expenditures and OHV grants and cooperative agreements; certifying environmental impact reports; and considering adverse impacts on property in the vicinity of State Vehicle Recreation Areas, and recommending measures to the Division to reduce those impacts.

Seven Commissioners are appointed to staggered, four-year terms. The Governor appoints three of the members, and the Senate Rules Committee and the Speaker of the Assembly each appoint two. The Commission membership is required to represent a broad range of disciplines relevant to off-highway recreation -- OHV recreation enthusiasts, nonmotorized recreation interests, biologists, rural landowners, law enforcement, soil scientists, and environmental interests.

Commissioners Appointed: Expires: Appointed By:

The Honorable Judith Anderson
Montrose, California 2/00 1/08 Speaker of the Assembly

The Honorable Robert F. Chavez
Encino, California 3/02 1/05 Governor Davis

The Honorable Edward H. Waldheim
Glendale, California 11/03 1/06 Governor Davis

The Honorable Michael F. Prizmich
Ione, California 5/00 1/04 Governor Davis

The Honorable Paul J. Spitler
Davis, California 1/00 1/08 Senate Rules Committee

The Honorable Harold Thomas
Sacramento, California 1/01 1/09 Senate Rules Committee

The Honorable John Brissenden
Hope Valley, California 5/02 1/06 Speaker of the Assembly

Daphne C. Greene, Deputy Director
Phil Jenkins, Division Chief
Sandy Elder, Commission Assistant
Vicki Perez, Executive Secretary

The OHMVR Commission Wants to Hear From You:

The Commission wants to hear the views of the OHV Community and others about what is happening in riding areas. The Commissioners welcome your thoughts on ways to improve OHV recreation, where you feel grant money should be spent, or any problems you may see, along with suggestions for solving them. If you cannot attend a local meeting, please submit your written comments to:

OHMVR Commission
PO Box 942896 - Sacramento, CA 94296-0001
Tel: (916) 324-5801
Fax: (916) 324-0271
E-Mail: [email protected]
URL: http://www.ohv.parks.ca.gov