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Offroad & Overland Amateur Radio Net (HAM)


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Campbell, CA
Offroad & Overland Amateur Radio Net (HAM) radio
I have been chatting on this amateur radio NET for the last few months on wed nights. If you are NEW to Ham radio its good practice and a way to test your gear. I think a lot more NAXJA members need to get a radio and their Amateur license. The test is not that hard, if you put a little effort into it. The communication quality is SO MUCH better than CB. You can talk the whole way thru Rubicon to a group that is at loon lake or even Tahoe. I purchased mine a few years ago for the safety of being able to get in touch with someone, when NO cell phone will get anything. LETS BE SAFE!
TwinHauler KK6ONF
The Basics of the NET...........

Amateur Radio Net specifically by and for offroad / overland enthusiasts

W6SRR Repeater on the Sunol Ridge 147.045MHz, +0.6MHz shift, 94.8 PL tone, Narrowband FM
K7DAA Repeater in Morgan Hill 442.9750MHz, +5MHz shift, 100 PL tone
W6SON Repeater in Sebastopol 441.375MHz, +5MHz shift, 88.5 PL tone
IRLP Reflector: 9351

Wednesday nights, 7:30pm PST - Starting January 4th, 2017

That's good stuff. I actually got my ham license a couple years ago but have yet to buy a radio

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I will try to hit the Sebastpol repeater. My mobile unit on my XJ can hit it from up here sometimes. Will you be on tomorrow? I will see if I can connect. Its nice to know there are other HAM's on the Sierra chapter. Do you have a mobile unit too Mike?

Thanks for the info!

Yaesu ft7900 is a great dual band mobile rig. I purchased 1st one in 2014 for$320 but they are now $269 from hamradio.com I just purchased and installed a ft7900 in my car as well. That's a great deal!
I will hit up the NET this weds. Hope to hear from you guys.
I couldn't hit the repeater, going to try to throw my mobile J-pole into one of the pine trees at my house and see if that works. I am over 100 miles away. Hopefully I can make contact next week. Running an Icom IC-2200 and had it cranked to the max 65 watts. Also tried with my 70cm Baofung handheld....nothing.
Well try next week and see what you get. We were on there from 730-8pm. I guess he has been trying to get echo link setup up, but not yet. Hope to hear from you
Echolink would be nice. I can hit the Donner Pass repeater with ease, even on the cheap Baofung, and its echolink. I will try 4 wheelin' to the top of this hill behind my house which has a clear sight to the coastal range next Wed and see if I can make contact.