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Noise when decelerating from 35 mph or more


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Dallas, Tx
This topic might exist already, but I wanted to start a new thread to give it the attention I felt it deserves.

The problem with my 1999 Cherokee XJ was that after I lifted it by only 2 inches with a body lift, I started getting a rough sounding bump in the drivetrain when taking my foot off the gas pedal at 35 mph or more. The bump, grind or noise didn't last long at all before it would go away. This problem was not present before the lift.

Fast forward a year or two. I installed a 3 - 3.5 inch lift kit and the problem became more noticeable. I took it to two different respected shops and they tried looking at the u-joints or a loose drivetrain. I had explained to each shop that I suspected it was the yoke and the angle of the driveshaft. Both shops seemed to dismiss that quickly for some reason, so I trusted them.

One shop went as far as to rebuild the front and rear axles, but still the problem persisted. They said it might be something with the transfer case. They were willing to keep taking my money to chase the problem of course. I told them I was going to give it more thought.

After doing more research on various forums, I continued reading that people with the same problem installed an SYE (slip yoke eliminator) and that fixed the problem. I felt like that had to be the solve, even though the prior shops said it probably wasn't.

The third shop I took it to is strictly a Jeep specialty shop, so I figured they'd diagnose the problem easily. I again told them I suspected the yoke issue.

After an inspection, they told me they found metal shavings in the lubricant of the rear gear and that the gears needed to be replaced. I was still skeptical because of the rebuilt axle I had already had paid for. I instructed the third shop to install a SYE along with a new driveshaft. I said after they did that, I wanted to test drive it to see the difference. If the problem wasn't fixed or wasn't any better, then we'd do the gear job.

Well, low and behold, the SYE did the trick!! I took it for a test drive after they did the work and got it up to 40 mph. I let off the gas and there was no noise at all! The problem is gone.

I'm glad I trusted the information I had read on forums and that I also trusted myself. Otherwise, I would have spent even more money the issue would still exist.

So, for anyone experiencing this same problem on a lifted XJ, start with the SYE. I think you'll have great results with that and save yourself a lot of time and money.

The only thing left to do now is flush out the diffs and replace the fluids.

Hope this helps!