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Noise After Installing Lift


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I just installed a new 3.5 inch RE lift in the XJ and now I have a noise coming from one rear spring pack. Everytime the jeep is cornered or hits a bump that compresses the rear springs I hear a pop. After a test run I had a friend listen while I jumped on the rear bumper and the noise is coming from the rear spring on the left side. Has anyone else experienced this? I am thinking it is one or more of the plastic pads between the springs.
The shocks were the first thing I checked. Really hoped it would be that easily fixed....no such luck.
Also checked the U-bollts same story. I also looked at the shackle and front spring bolts. Everything is tight and looks good. When I jumped up and down on the rear bumper you can hear a distict pop. My buddy crawled under the vehicle and and then we traded places. We both came to the same conclusion that the sound is coming from the spring pack.
Mine did this too after I installed new springs in the rear. From what I could tell, it was almost like the new springs needed to get used to bumps or something. I don't know how else to describe it. Over time, after the springs got worn in a bit, the sound went away and has never returned. Take your jeep somewhere where the springs will get nice and broken in and you'll most likely never have it happen again... that is unless that really isn't your problem and it's something else... Good luck.
Thanks Jeeperguy. I have been out to the driveway a couple times to look over anything I thought I had forgotten. The neighbors probably think I have gotten loonie after jumping up down on the bumper about a dozen times now just to make sure that I have this narrowed down. This is a brand new kit. I have looked over the springs and components and made sure that by some strange chance I did not get a broken part such as a leaf. Just beacause its new does not mean its good. Basically you have confirmed my suspicion. I will be taking for a liitle off road spin tomorrow after the alignment is completed. Thanks again for the advice.