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New engine cost?


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How much does a new 4.0L typically cost? I am contiplating replacing my engine on my '90. Also,can I install a HO 4.0L in a '90 XJ?
Junkyard engines have their advantages....

If you can find an assured low mileage and unabused engine that will work, i have found they can be the best overall. Attempt to locate the lowest mileage unit possible, even if would require swapping many things. As an example, three months ago i had an engine transplant/rebuild in a '96 Astrovan AWD. That is a nightmare job to be sure. Because the complexity of the job it was decided to choose a very safe choice. Dealership wanted a good bit for new, i do not rem how much now, but we found an engine, three years newer and with only 21k miles- for all real purposes still new, and thousands cheaper. This engine had the 'new' fuel injection system, egr system, sensors, etc., that would not have been new using a rebuilt engine- that is a big deal. In addition the cam and roller lifters were also 'new', very expensive to replace. It turned out to have worked better than the older one ever did. He said had more power. I did some research and the cam in that engine had increased camlift, both intake and exhaust from the factory!! Needless to say, a very happy customer!!