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Nemo tunnel


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NAXJA Member
Middle Tennessee
Has anyone ever been to the Nemo tunnel (train tunnel) near Crossville, TN? I think it's in the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area.

A group of IH Scout owners went there a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn't go on the trail but from some video I saw, it looks like a nice, fun ride that a stock XJ could do. The colors this time of year would make it fun too.
I’ve had that tagged as a trail I want to do. It sounds fantastic. I was going to run it in my Commander.
It looks like a bunch of people have been heading there lately. I saw pictures of an abandoned Alco RS3 and some passenger cars that are supposed to be close to the tunnel.
I've done both in the DD. Nice day trip from mid TN, about an hour from where I'm at. If you're going to do it plan on hitting Brushy Mountain Prison while you're there. You'll pass it to see the abandoned train.
I went to school right down the road from the tunnel. It's a decent place to ride in a stock 4x4 and have lunch. If anyone heads that way I'd love to tag along.

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