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Need help finding Tech Site


NAXJA Forum User
Denver Colorado
I Had the link before my computer died.. I know the site is still up.

It had a Guy who had done the Dakota Leakpacks and a GM 3.8 (3.6L?) Motor swap and used F150 V8 springs in the front along with

Some Model number of Monroe Sensatrac Shocks for the front shocks along with the upper shock eye conversion brackets to get shocks that were good for the 3 " lift...

I can't find the Website and yes I searched til I was searching for threads with HTTP:// in it hoping to run across the link... no dice..

I'm pretty sure it was called

"Just Another Jeep XJ Website"

But I can't find it here or on Google under that name..

So if anyone knows what the link to that site is or knows what two Eye hole Monroe Sensa Trac Shocks would work well to allow some droop on my XJ's Front end at 3" of lift.

Thanks... just trying to get some new shocks along with some length and I lost all my links :(